The “Guesthouses”  are recently fully refurbished, designed in collaboration with the architect Yiorgis Lampathakis, in contemporary cycladic aesthetics.

Cycladic Guest House

The “Cycladic Guest House” is located at the top of the acommodation.   In the living room, imposing element is the stone arch with the kitchen counter in a traditional fireplace style and the marble sink as in the traditional houses of the Cyclades. The two stone sofa- beds create relaxing   area with the 32 ‘ LED TV. In the second area of the main bedroom dominates the stone double bed on an elevated level by a cement mortar. The stone arch functions as a very special headboard, and along with the minimalist sconces and antique lamps of a bygone era, create a dreamy atmosphere that makes the place as a whole ideal for a “bridal suite”. In the bathroom with the stone wash basin dominates the white cement that “spreads” in the personal space of the shower and covers the built seat creating the image of a modern hammam. The private 40-square-meter courtyard terrace, with the 6-person monastery table and the stone sofas, has orientation in the view of the Bay of Aegiali and its enchanting sunset.

Family Guest House

The “Family Guest House” consists of a bedroom with a double stone bed and a living room with two stone sofas with anatomic mattresses, therefore accommodating up to four persons.  In the living room area there is a fully equipped kitchenette with a traditional wooden dining table for four. Both spaces have LED TVs for your entertainment.

Guest House

In “Guesthouses”  the traditional lavaplaster form elements of the room, starting from the floor that stretches to create stone beds and sofas to the bathroom which is embraced by it. The wooden beams on the ceiling, bronze objects, the vintage mirrors, the mysterious Cycladic figurines, the lamps designed and handcrafted by Light me by Triantafillos, together with the Amorgos themed prints decorating the walls, all contribute to a unique living experience. A fully functional kitchen as well as the wooden outdoor furniture serve your everyday needs.” The Big Blue” is eco-conscious and provides virgin olive oil grooming products.


Located in the second building are the “Amorgos” rooms with traditional wooden furniture. There is a romantic ambience created through vintage elements, such as the wooden double bed and traditional style kitchen. All rooms have a private spacious sundeck with wooden furniture to enjoy the unique view.

Junior Guest House (single bed)

Finally there is a “Junior Guest House” ideal for the requirements of a single room. The central element is the imposing arch that separates the elevated stone bed with the rest of the space. Traditional lavaplaster from the bed continues on the stone bedside table, on the fitted mini bar and the wardrobe. Outside, the stone sofa “sees” all over the bay of Aegiali.


click sto see more People 1-31/5 & 16/9-31/10 1/6 – 30/6 & EASTER – HOLIDAYS 1/7 – 31/8* 1/9 – 15/9*
Cycladic Guest House 2 – 4 70€ – 90€ 80€ – 100€ 170€ – 210€ 110€ – 130€
Family Guest House 2 – 4 65€ – 85€ 75€ – 95€ 160€ – 200€ 100€ – 120€
Guest House 2 – 3 60€ – 75€ 70€ – 85€ 130€ – 150€ 90€ – 110€
Amorgiano 2 50€ 60€ 110€ 80€
Junior Guest House 1 40€ 50€ 70€ 60€

* From 1/7-15/9 price includes breakfast.


  • A/C
  • TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Iron
  • Kitchenette
  • Hair dryer
  • Toiletries
  • Terrace with view
  • Daily settlement of rooms only on request
  • Lounge snack bar
  • Parking